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Olivia is our wonderful front of house manager that keeps business running smooth. Olivia joined BlackStack Brewing x years ago and has been a rockstar since. 

Bella is our esteemed Director of Production and Quality Control. She graduated from UW-Madison with a food science degree with a focus on fermentation. She drives our back of house operations and seriously is a killer employee. 


Bella Oswald

Director of Production and Quality

Bella, our esteemed Director of Production and Quality Control, boasts an impressive tenure at BlackStack spanning numerous years. She's got a Food Science degree with a focus on fermentation from UW-Madison, and her journey through the company has been nothing short of amazing. Starting out in the cellar, she quickly worked her way up the ladder to become our Production Manager, and then our Director. Bella's got this infectious passion for knowing everything about our business, and we're seriously lucky to have her on the team.

Bella's Favorite Brew: We're not Waiting

Seif Efitairy

Chief Financial Officer

Seif has been with BlackStack brewing for x amount of years and is an honorary member of the Johnson family. Seif is the man with the money. 

Cy ....

Head Brewer

Cy, Blackstack Brewery's Head of Brewery Operations, is the driving force behind their exceptional beer production. He is passionate about brewing making him a vital part of the team. Cy's brewing journey began when he was in high school. He played various roles at the brewery, from cleaning kegs to maintaining the taproom. This early experience laid the foundation for his deep brewery knowledge. Over seven years at Blackstack, Cy's career soared. His dedication and expertise continue to drive Blackstack Brewery's success, ensuring every glass is a testament to his brewing process.

Cy's Favorite Brew: News to Me

Mat Wadell

Head of Mixed Culture

In early 2019, we brought on established sour brewer Mat Waddell the former head brewer and co-owner of Wild Mind Artisan Ales, to take the reins as the head of mixed culture. Under Mat, we expect BlackStack’s new beers to push the boundaries of what is typically done with more concentrated and complex flavors.

Olivia ....

FOH Manager

OLIVA ....

Dave ....

Director of Sales

Dave ....

Patrick Risberg

Content Marketing Manager


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