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BLOTZ: A Literal Lager (4.6%)

Inspired by the generations old family brewery brought back from the brink in the best selling novel “THE LAGER QUEEN OF MINNESOTA” by our friend, J. Ryan Stradal. Clean drinking beer built on a simple malt bill with little to no frills. Lagered for 7 weeks & Spünded for natural carbonation. Hard to put down, just like the novel. Like they used to say: “DRINK LOTS A RESPONSIBLE AMOUNT! IT’S BLOTZ!”

We’ll have the author at the taproom tomorrow, Sept. 8th from 5-8 signing books, hanging out & answering questions. We’ll be giving a pint of BLOTZ & a raffle ticket out with each copy of the book purchased. Each pint of BLOTZ will come with a raffle ticket for a $100 Gift Card to the Taproom. Additionally, we’ll be giving out free slices of pie while supplies last. See you tomorrow!

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