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MAKE GOOD CHOICES Hangover-Inspired Smoothie Sour (6.6%)

You know those nights on vacation where you just want one more cocktail, but then that one more cocktail has an umbrella & Pineapple on it & you’re like let’s have five more of those? And then the only way to make yourself not yak at brunch the next morning is to have another? This was inspired by one of those nights. Dreamt up with our Viking Brethren from the North, @drekkerbrewing & channeling the fiery hellspawn of a Piña Colada & a Strawberry Daiquiri: The Miami Vice. Named for the eternal call of mothers everywhere when they know you’re going to do something stupid. Built on our Mixed-Culture, Foeder-Fermented Berliner Base & conditioned on obscene amounts of Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut Flakes, Milk Sugar, Vanilla & so, so much Coconut Cream. 🍓🍍🥥 🥛 For those occasions when one bad decision just simply won’t do.

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