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WELL RECEIVED: RIWAKA: Funky Foeder Pilsner w/ Riwaka (5.5%)

We took one of our favorite beer styles, Pilsner, lagered it for 6 weeks, transferred it into one of our favorite vessels, a Foeder, and let it get weird with our house culture for 3 more months before dry hopping it with one of our favorite new varietals out of New Zealand: Riwaka. Little tidbits of love from our Lager Program, our Mixed-Culture Program & our IPA Program. Despite our accountants pleads for any semblence of business sense or reason, this gross misuse of time, energy & resources resulted in this: deliciously delicate, spritzy, funky lil’ tubes of joy. Please don’t purchase any so we can continue to drink all of it ourselves.

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