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WELL RECEIVEDFunky Foeder Pilsner w/ Galaxy (5.5%)

We took one of our favorite beer styles, Pilsner, lagered it for 6 weeks, transferred it into one of our favorite vessels, a Foeder, and let it get weird with our house culture for 3 more months before dry hopping it with one of our favorite hops, Galaxy from Australia. Little tidbits of love from our Lager Program, our Mixed-Culture Program & our IPA Program. Despite our accountants pleads for any semblence of business sense or reason, this gross misuse of time, energy & resources resulted in this: a deliciously delicate, spritzy, funky lil’ tubes of joy. Please don’t purchase any so we can continue to drink all of it ourselves. Inspired by an absurdly delicious beverage from the dope folks @bfsbeer.

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