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Loud Pack and Chill (BlackStack Brewing)

Loud Pack and Chill, the latest cold India Pale Ale from Saint Paul, Minnesota’s BlackStack brewing, pours with a golden coloration and only the smallest amount of white head. The initial nose emanating from the brew is a bit juicy with only the slightest indication of bitterness.The bevy of hops – Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic, and Australian – create a nuanced flavor profile that is piney, juicy, and dry. The progress that one has made through their Loud Pack and Chill will change up the relative concentrations of these elements.

Rice notes bubble up at points during the beer, but the crispness remains consistent no matter where one is at. The full constellation of flavors experienced here do a bang-up job at obfuscating any overly boozy or sharp elements. Bold in its execution, Loud Pack and Chill would be a fantastic pair with strongly-flavored cuisine or as a way to open up one’s night on the town. Where previous experiences with cold IPAs have left us wanting something more innovative, BlackStack’s latest foray into the style is experimental while being approachable enough even for drinkers that are novices in the India Pale Ale style and its related varietals.

Check out BlackStack’s main domain for the full run down of the brewery’s offerings, while you can keep up to date about other new products and events by jumping on their social media profiles. Let us know if you’ve had the opportunity to check out Loud Pack and Chill or any other of BlackStack Brewing’s beers.

Rating: 8.8/10

The can of Loud Pack & Chill along with it being poured into a glass

Loud Pack and Chill (BlackStack Brewing) / 7.0% ABV / Domain / Facebook / Instagram

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