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Pint Report: Dear Mama IPA-a witch hunt collaboration with BlackStack Brewing

Updated: May 8

image of some of BlackStack Brewing's team standing next to our brewing tanks

Witch Hunt Minneapolis is a phenomenal group of females on a mission to celebrate and promote underrepresented individuals in craft brewing. Recently, they teamed up with BlackStack Brewing in Saint Paul to create a fantastic IPA called Dear Mama.

The release party took place on Wednesday, May 8th and I was happy to try the beer and meet some of the dynamic people behind the beer and movement.

First and foremost, I have to say that there are many reasons why I love craft beer. However, one glaring negative about the industry is that there are not enough females brewing beer or owning breweries. Historically, this is completely backwards and needs to change. To me, Witch Hunt Minneapolis seems to be about bringing passion for beer and empowerment of women together. This is something that I love and having several friends in the group, I know that it is a fun time.

The Path To The Beer

The journey to the beer release at BlackStack started about a month and a half ago. The Witch Hunt group first began working with Murphy Johnson and Bob DuVernois at BlackStack on sensory analysis to evaluate which grains would be the best for the beer. One noteworthy fact about the beer is that the beer has spelt in the grain bill to give it a nice and soft body.

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