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BlackStack Brewing Begins a New Craft

Updated: Jan 11

image of BlackStack's bar area featuring their hanging logo

Back in 2017, the Johnson family opened their doors to the BlackStack Brewery. This year they expanded their company and began to brew True Stone coffee. Additionally, they are also starting to reach out to students. 

The company is trying to get the word out that college students are more than welcome to come and enjoy a cup of coffee or hang out. The brewery offers an assortment of games and is planning on including discounts for their new demographic.

“Besides the great coffee, food, and beer, it’s a wonderful place to hang out and study,” said the company marketer Barb Brynstad.

Starting from Oct. 15-31, BlackStack will offer 50% off all non-alcoholic beverages for students who come in with their college ID. After the limited-time discount on Nov. 1, the brewery will still hold a discount for students, still offered only with ID, for 20% off all non- alcoholic beverages. 

According to their website, along with their taproom foods, BlackStack often hosts a food truck in their lot. On the website, visitors are allowed to see which food truck will be visiting for the day.  Included with their calendar are the hours the food trucks are hosted and what deals the trucks will be offering as well. 

The brewery also hosts an array of events. 

“BlackStack regularly has events in the space, like “Friends Trivia,” yoga, music/bands and sporting events on the big screen,” Brynstad said.

Brynstad also noted the website includes a ‘Taproom Happenings’ page where they also list upcoming events for anyone who plans on visiting in the future. 

As for the coffee, BlackStack offers an assortment of different kinds. Their coffee ranges from espresso to lattes and of course even cold brews. They also offer a range of teas both cold and hot. Their official menu is also listed on their website.

The Johnson family is eager to share their brewery with as many people as they can.


“I don’t think many people know that we serve coffee and food and are open early,” Brynstad said.  “We’re hoping…to spread the word about our new hours and expanded coffee and food offerings.”

Read the story in the Hamline Oracle here.

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